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Discover the authentic you


Welcome to Pathways Coaching.

Meet Yvonne

Certified Points of You Expert Practitioner

& Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) Therapist 

B.A Ed, B.A Early Years Education.


Hello. there...

There is so much to share about my experiences, personally and professionally which have brought me here today.

I trained as a teacher in the UK where I worked before moving to Spain with my family in 2004 with positions in several international schools during an 18 year period. My roles progressed from in class teaching to the Head of Infants and Primary (KS1), in a British school in Jerez, Cadiz - Spain. Life seemed to be going in the right direction when my husband was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in 2018 (asbestos related lung cancer). Nothing prepares you for the journey of loss. Coping, being strong for others and the big change in life.

Psychology has always been integrated into my professional development and more so, the awareness children have with their emotions, the management of feelings (Social and Emotional Learning and Mindfulness) and its relevance since the Pandemic. As I travel internationally to visit schools globally, delivering training, liaising with management and charities it became clear that not only children needed an opportunity to talk about their feelings, their point of view, develop an emotional awareness and find purpose, but adults do too.

I wanted to learn more and investigate ways of facilitating ways so not only children but additionally adults could learn more about themselves, be involved in a process that helped them come to their own conclusions about the person they are, yet to become and reach their potential!

The natural environment and its calming effect was where I went for peace, space, time and meditation. After the trauma of losing my husband so quickly, everything needed to slow down. I discovered Shinrin Yoku and embraced the philosophy of nature therapy,  the benefit of walking through a forest and the essences the trees give to promote the 'Natural Killer Cells' ( NK Cells) that support our immune system. I decided to train as a Shinrin Yoku therapist to understand the deeper meaning of natural healing and additionally, the effects of NK Cells with illnesses. 

I hope you will explore with me, your potential, experience the journey using the coaching tools from Points Of You, natural healing environment and a place to hold the find the authentic you.

What I Specialize In

Life can be an amazing journey.  Sometimes you need clarity, precision and help finding the authentic YOU!

Pathways Coaching uses a range of tools to make the 'magic' happen.

So, what is the 'magic'? Using the imagery of phototherapy and the prompts from questions and metaphors (connecting the right and left side of the brain) to guide you on your journey of rediscovery, enlightenment and insights into your personal perspective.Your point of view.

Coaching sessions are created and crafted for group or corporate workshops, detailing specific areas of development  or interest. Individual sessions respond to your needs, your questions and direction. We will find the 'flow'...unexpected but precise! 

Shinrin Yoku. The beautiful art of 'Forest Bathing'. Bringing you closer to nature and the beneficial gifts you can receive for mental and physical health. The Japanese art of Shinrin Yoku brings balance and harmony to our busy life, plus the essential essences to evoke our 'Natural Killer Cells' to promote strong immune systems.

Education. The joy of creative cognition and story building with children, exploring the possibilities of language, literacy, narratives, imagingination and binding this with Social and Emotional Learning and Mindfulness. 

Pathways Coaching provides one to one sessions, groups, schools as well as regular 'Pay It Forward' sessions with other global coaches.  Explore, investigate, be curious and enjoy the information about the options available.

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Official workshops

Crafted sessions


Shinrin Yoku

Forest Bathing


Coaching designed to your needs and individual

 one 2 one sessions

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Creative Cognition, stories and literacy

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Workshop weekends and retreats


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